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Water purifier

A water purifier for killing bacteria in water located in a confined area includes a water inlet, a water outlet, and a purification unit that kills the bacteria in the water. A first fluid path is located between the water inlet and the water outlet so that water flowing along the first fluid path flows from the water inlet to the water outlet without passing through the purification unit, and includes a constricted region that has a cross sectional area that is smaller than a cross sectional area of the water inlet. A second fluid path is located between the water inlet and the water outlet, and includes the purification unit, so that water flowing along the second fluid path flows through the purification unit as the water flows from the water inlet to the water outlet. A self-adjusting flow regulator is positioned in the constricted region to automatically modify the cross sectional area of the constricted region to maintain a rate of flow along the second fluid path within a predetermined range as a combined rate of flow along the first and second fluid paths varies.

Diverter and water purifier having same

A water purifier includes a diverter which can be detachably attached to a water faucet to select a plurality of water passages and a filter cartridge which can be detachably attached to the diverter to purify a water to be supplied through the diverter. The diverter is provided with a connector portion including a projection having a pair of guide grooves. The filter cartridge is provided with an engaging portion which can be inserted and fitted in the guide grooves. Disclosure is also directed to a diverter which includes a substantially cylindrical body which defines therein a main water passage to be connected to the faucet, and a rotatable selecting member which can be coaxially and rotatably fitted on the substantially cylindrical body and which is provided with a plurality of branch water passages which can be selectively registered with the main water passage of the substantially cylindrical body in accordance with the rotation of the selecting member.

Water purifier

A water purifier removes harmful materials from tap water by electrochemical oxidation-reduction and distillation without using any filters. The water purifier has an electrochemical oxidation-reduction unit which removes heavy metals and organic materials from tap water by an electrochemical oxidation-reduction reaction, thus providing pre-purified water. A distillation unit heats the pre-purified water in order to vaporize the water while distilling off harmful materials. The vapor is discharged from the distillation unit and is condensed by a condenser while flowing in a vapor guide pipe, thus providing finally-purified water.

Water purifier having a magnetic field generation device

A water purifier includes a filter having a cylindrical housing formed with a water inlet at one end and a water outlet at the other end and contains in the housing a ceramic layer consisting of granular ceramic heaped up in a layer, a magnetite layer consisting of broken pieces of magnetite heaped up in a layer and provided at least above or below the ceramic layer, and annular magnets provided above and below the ceramic layer in such a manner that these annular magnets coincide with each other in the sense of magnetic lines of force and that the direction of the magnetic lines of force is parallel to the direction of flow of water. Water molecules are activated while passing through the magnetic field produced by the annular magnets and the magnetite layers which are magnetized by the annular magnets.

Portable ultraviolet water purifier
Diverter and water purifier having same
Remote control valve for reverse osmosis water purifier

5660802 Water purifier
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5503739 Heat dissipating device for water purifier's thermoelement
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5466366 Water temperature and conductivity detector for reverse-osmosis water purifier systems
5401395 Valve arrangement for a pressurized water purifier
5399263 Water purifier
5397468 Water purifier cartridge coupling
5250177 Water purifier with an ozone generating device
5218995 Three-way valve assembly with water quantity recording meter for a storage tank of the reverse osmosis water purifier
5194156 Water purifier faucet fitting
5192436 Tap water purifier to be directly coupled to faucet pip
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5059296 Portable self-contained solar powered water purifier
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4990254 Portable water purifier
4978449 Water purifier with air-passing retainer above water inlet
4909931 Water-purifier device
4902411 Drinking water purifier
4885085 Direct acting reverse osmosis water purifier valves
4808302 Water purifier valve
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4744895 Reverse osmosis water purifier
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4719018 Automatic water purifier
4695375 Self-contained hydraulically operable water purifier
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4678571 Water purifier
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4599171 Water purifier fitting and system
4591438 Water purifier
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4551254 Macroporous manganese dioxide water purifier
4481096 Pot-typed water purifier with electrolyzer
4477347 Portable water purifier
4439316 Water purifier
4391712 Reverse-osmosis water purifier apparatus and method
4312754 Portable water purifier especially for domestic use
4277332 Water purifier
4253307 Solar power generator and water purifier

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