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Ultraviolet water purifier

An ultraviolet water purifier having a plurality of ultraviolet lamps mounted in a cover extending over the purifier and above the water in the purifier with a parabolic reflector directing the rays of the lamps toward the body of water. The purifier is provided with a water inlet and a baffle adjacent thereto having an opening at its base to compel the water entering the purifier to flow directly downwardly and then to flow through a plurality of filter. Air bubbles are trapped by a second baffle extending downwardly from the cover to below the water level. Before the water is discharged from the purifier, a third baffle which is positioned in approximately the center of the purifier and of lower height than the body of water compels the water to flow to the surface and over the third baffle to be discharged at the end of the purifier opposite that of the inlet thereby exposing the water to the rays of the ultraviolet lamps for a maximum period and at the position at which the rays are most effective as a germicide.

Portable water purifier

A portable water purifier includes a portable ozone generator and water container and a flexible tube conducting ozone from the generator to the container. A filter-bubbler is used to bubble ozone into water in the container and then to filter the purified water as it is drawn from the container with the flexible tube serving as a siphon. A vent for the container contains an ozone decomposition catalyst for decomposing any ozone in the vented gas.

Quick countercurrent-type water purifier

A quick countercurrent-type water purifier configured with two filters, two motors, a control circuit, a purified water storage tank and a waste water tank, wherein a pipe extends from the waste water tank. Moreover, a raw water inlet pipe connects to the pipe through one of the motors that thereon forces water through branch pipes into water inlets at bottoms of the two filters. A pipe branches out from each of the two water inlets, and connects to the waste water tank. A flowmeter is configured at a water outlet at a top portion of each of the filters. An electromagnetic valve subject to control by control circuit is configured at each of the water inlets and the water outlets of the two filters, thereby achieving quick reverse washing of contaminants from filter cores of the filters and providing large quantities of purified water for industrial usage.

Water shut-off device for a water purifier

A water shut-off device for a water purifier that assures automatic blocking of water flow at the time of changing of a used filter comprises a connector having a water inlet passageway and a first connector port in communication with the inlet passageway, the first connector port provided with a valve chamber. A valve body is movably fitted into the valve chamber for selectively closing and opening the first connector port. Removably coupled to the connector is a filter which has an inlet port connectable to the first connector port of the connector, a filter element, an outlet port and a pusher for, when the inlet port is brought into connection with the first connector port, causing the valve body to move into a position wherein the first connector port is opened to allow water flow.

Portable ultraviolet water purifier
Diverter and water purifier having same
Remote control valve for reverse osmosis water purifier

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