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Point-of use water treatment system

The present invention is directed to a lamp assembly for use in a point-of-use water treatment system or other device. The lamp assembly includes a condensing element to condense mercury in a bulb within the arc path of opposing filaments when the bulb is de-energized. In one embodiment, the time required for the lamp assembly to produce light upon subsequent re-energization of the bulb is significantly reduced because the mercury is in the intermediate portion of the bulb, within the filament arc path.

Process for selective coagulant recovery from water treatment plant sludge

Alum, used as a coagulant in water treatment, is recovered from clarifier sludge by adjusting the pH of the sludge downward to produce an aqueous clarifier sludge solution, and contacting the aqueous clarifier sludge solution with one side of a semi-permeable cation exchange membrane while contacting the other side of the membrane with an acidic sweep solution. By virtue of the Donnan co-ion exclusion phenomenon, aluminum ions, which are trivalent, pass readily through the membrane, in preference to divalent and monovalent cations, and consequently heavy metal carryover is relatively low. Organic matter carryover is substantially excluded, and consequently, the recovered alum can be reused without the potential for trihalomethane formation. The reactor is preferably in the form of a stack of spaced membranes, with the aqueous clarifier sludge solution and the acid sweep solution flowing through alternate spaces. The same process can be used for recovery of ferric iron coagulants.

On premise water treatment system with temperature control water release and method

A water treatment method uses a removable, disposable cartridge having an internal mesh structure. A disposable heater heats water fed to the cartridge. Precipitated solids collect on the mesh surface provided temperature and residence times are appropriately maintained. The heat breaks down the bicarbonate hardness of the water thereby depositing carbonates on the mesh surface and heavy metals will be codeposited due to the resultant change in pH. The cartridge has a head-space for collecting entrained gases such as volatile organic compounds, chlorine and air. Water sterility is achieved by heating the water over an appropriate period of time. Turbidity is removed within the cartridge due to settling induced by the low fluid velocity controlled by a controller and by a filter provided at the outlet of the cartridge. The filter will become blocked when bicarbonate hardness is carried over forcing a user to replace a spent cartridge. Heat economy and a cool treated water outlet stream are secured by use of a heat exchanger. Water is fed from the cartridge, through an intercooler and the heat exchanger to a storage tank. Water in the storage tank is kept out of contact with air by a movable barrier. Eventually, the. water is fed from the storage tank to a dispenser and can subsequently be used in a post-mix beverage dispenser. A visual display indicates the status of the water treatment system and a water release control system releases treated water from the water treatment system only after water in the system reaches a selected temperature and steam is released form the system so that the released water is potable.

Method and apparatus for controlling concentration of water treatment chemicals
Electrolysis based water treatment
Point-of use water treatment system
On premise water treatment system and method
Risers for a waste water treatment facility
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Ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods
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Waste water treatment device

101 6514420 Point-of use water treatment system
102 6514406 Water treatment apparatus
103 6495049 On premise water treatment system with temperature control water release and method
104 6495047 Process for selective coagulant recovery from water treatment plant sludge
105 6491868 Point-of-use water treatment system
106 6491815 Construction of a water treatment reservoir for a domestic water treatment appliance
107 6491811 Sensor for a water treatment apparatus
108 6471858 Water treatment dispensers
109 6469308 Ultraviolet radiated water treatment tank
110 6464884 Portable water treatment unit
111 6464874 Waste water treatment method and waste water treatment apparatus
112 6461520 User-activated ultra-violet water treatment unit
113 6461511 Apparatus and method for waste water treatment
114 6458268 Industrial waste water treatment cleaning apparatus
115 6451211 On premise water treatment method for use in a post mix beverage dispenser
116 6451202 Point-of-use water treatment system
117 6447722 Solid water treatment composition and methods of preparation and use
118 6447678 Regeneration of water treatment media
119 6440300 Water treatment system for swimming pool water
120 6428696 Process for preparing a chlorine-dioxide-containing disinfectant solution for water treatment
121 6428691 Biological waste water treatment system
122 6426004 Continuous flow completely mixed waste water treatment method
123 6423224 Filter cartridge assembly for water treatment device
124 6420530 Antibody compositions for the detection and quantification of water treatment polymers
125 6419817 Dynamic optimization of chemical additives in a water treatment system
126 6416673 On premise water treatment system and method
127 6413417 Waste water treatment apparatus
128 6413416 Water treatment vessel with cartridge holder for holding tablets
129 6409917 Accessory for use in a water treatment system of a swimming pool
130 6402945 Water treatment system and method
131 6398965 Water treatment system and process
132 6391191 Domestic water treatment appliance
133 6383507 Water treatment composition
134 6379543 Water treatment system
135 6379539 Point of entry water treatment system
136 6375919 Method for the manufacture of ferric sulfate solution and a water treatment agent using the same
137 6375837 Waste water treatment method being able to treat surface active agent, nitrogen, hydrogen peroxide and phosphor with high efficiency and equipment therefor
138 6360898 Filtration device for a waste water treatment system
139 6358395 Under the counter water treatment system
140 6349835 Water treatment installation
141 6347644 Bypass valve for water treatment system
142 6344142 Waste water treatment method and apparatus
143 6338789 Electro-physical water treatment apparatus
144 6337014 Nonsolvent, sealed septum connection for a water treatment cartridge
145 6334951 Reverse osmosis water treatment system with tube connecting unit
146 6312589 Apparatus arranged to provide controllable water treatment customized to the conditions of water supplied to a beverage dispenser
147 6306299 Filtration device for a waste water treatment system
148 6290848 Filter cartridge for gravity-fed water treatment devices
149 6287457 Water treatment device having volumeter driven monitoring discs
150 6284129 Water treatment device with volumetric and time monitoring features

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