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Ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods

Ballast water treatment apparatus and methods for preventing foreign aquatic invasive species form entering marine ecological zones by translocation in ship's ballast water. The apparatus includes a housing, a filter member, and UV water treatment chambers. Methods include use of a ship's fire hydrant system for moving ballast water from the ship's ballast tanks into the apparatus for filtration and treatment. In-port service vessels and dock-side service vehicles are equipped with the treatment and filtration apparatus to provided in-port or dock-side ballast water treatment services. Related methods are also provided.

Method and plant for thickening sludge derived from water treatment by flocculation- decantation with ballasted floc

The invention concerns a method for thickening sludge derived from a water treatment plant by flocculation-decantation with floc ballasted with micro-sand or other dense granular material using a liquid cyclone treatment (1) of the decantation sludge. The invention is characterised in that it comprises successive steps which consist in: degassing (3) the overflow sludge of the liquid cyclone treatment (1) from the ballasted flocculation decantation unit, said degassing step being carried out on a corresponding degassing surface at a degassing surface velocity of less than 100 mph; injecting at least a flocculating reagent (4) into said sludge; and thickening said sludge in at least a laminar sludge thickener (6), with a stilling floor load calculated at the thickener floor surface higher than 200 kg of suspended matter per m.sup.2 per day and the extracted sludge concentration higher than 10 g/l.

Drinking water treatment system including hydrogen sulfide scrubber using triazine compound and associated methods

A drinking water treatment system includes a pump for pumping water from an aquifer, an aerator connected downstream from the pump for generating an outlet water flow and a hydrogen sulfide-containing gas flow, and a hydrogen sulfide scrubber for scrubbing the hydrogen sulfide-containing gas flow from the aerator. The hydrogen sulfide scrubber includes at least one scrubber tank and scrubber media contained therein. A scrubbing solution circulator includes a dispenser for dispensing scrubbing solution into contact with the scrubber media, a sump for collecting the scrubbing solution after contact with the scrubber media, and a circulating pump for circulating the scrubbing solution from the sump back to the dispenser after contact with the scrubber media. A triazine compound supply is provided for supplying a triazine compound to the scrubbing solution. The triazine compound may be used in place of caustic to reduce build-up in the scrubber

Method and apparatus for controlling concentration of water treatment chemicals
Electrolysis based water treatment
Point-of use water treatment system
On premise water treatment system and method
Risers for a waste water treatment facility
Water treatment method and apparatus
System for controlling water treatment based on plankton monitoring
Water treatment agent and water treatment method for a boiler
Reactor and heat exchanger system for cyanide waste water treatment
Control system for meter actuated regeneration in a water treatment system
Water treatment unit and equipment having the unit
In-home water treatment system
Ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods
Urban runoff water treatment methods and systems
Waste water treatment device

601 20040055966 Ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods
602 20040055961 Method and plant for thickening sludge derived from water treatment by flocculation- decantation with ballasted floc
603 20040055463 Drinking water treatment system including hydrogen sulfide scrubber using triazine compound and associated methods
604 20040050800 Bactericide for use in water treatment, method for water treatment and apparatus for water treatment
605 20040050790 Automatic shut-off for water treatment system
606 20040050785 Water treatment process
607 20040045886 UV-assisted advanced-ozonation water treatment system and advanced-ozonation module
608 20040045880 Water treatment control system using fluorescence analyzer
609 20040045838 Water treatment process and apparatus
610 20040040915 Layered tablet water treatment compositions and method of use
611 20040040904 Water treatment device
612 20040035779 Membrane filter for water treatment
613 20040026238 Water treatment device
614 20040016703 Agent for treating waste water and waste water treatment system
615 20030236649 Water treatment monitoring system
616 20030234218 System and method for AI controlling waste-water treatment by neural network and back-propagation algorithm
617 20030222008 Countertop water treatment unit
618 20030220717 Water treatment control system
619 20030217954 Polluted water treatment system
620 20030209502 Ozone water treatment system
621 20030209478 Filtration device for a waste water treatment system
622 20030209477 Transportable water treatment apparatus
623 20030196946 Water treatment system using magnetism and far infrared technology
624 20030188695 Automated water treatment and delivery apparatus
625 20030183576 Composite semipermeable membrane,method for preparing the same, and method for water treatment using the same
626 20030173273 Water treatment device with volumetric and time monitoring features
627 20030168106 Dispensing apparatus for waste water treatment biocatalyst
628 20030164340 Device and method for water treatment by foaming
629 20030160002 Waste water treatment material, waste water treatment method, sludge dehydrating agent and sludge treatment method
630 20030159979 Reservoir water treatment
631 20030155296 Process and apparatus for waste water treatment
632 20030141483 Oxygen scavenger and boiler water treatment chemical
633 20030141258 Method for determining the dissolution rate of a solid water treatment product
634 20030141234 Water treatment device
635 20030137068 Method for manufacturing ceramic balls for water treatment
636 20030136686 High volume electrolytic water treatment system and process for treating wastewater
637 20030132167 Potable water treatment system, apparatus and method of operation thereof
638 20030127378 Biofilm carrier, method of manufacture thereof and waste water treatment system employing biofilm carrier
639 20030116495 Faucet water treatment
640 20030111421 Systems and methods for polymer addition control for water treatment
641 20030111401 Water treatment plan: two-stage filtration
642 20030106854 Electrolysis based water treatment
643 20030094141 Integrated system for shellfish production: encompassing hatchery, nursery, brood-stock conditioning and market conditioning phases; also water treatment, food supplement, propulsion, anchoring, security, and devices for the integration of neighborhood values and shellfish production.
644 20030089667 Installation for measuring concentration in dense granular material of a flow and water treatment system comprising same
645 20030089652 Road surface waste water treatment device and tubular water treatment unit
646 20030070973 Water treatment system
647 20030062321 Water treatment device
648 20030062094 Storage container for water treatment system
649 20030059663 Apparatus for water treatment having electrodeionization device
650 20030034285 Filter cartridge for water treatment device

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