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Waste water treatment device

An object of the present invention is to provide a waste water treatment device in which removal of phosphorus and removal of nitrogen can efficiently be carried out and a decrease in size of device and a decrease in cost can be intended, and the gist of the waste water treatment device comprises a waste water treatment chamber; at least one set of electrodes disposed so that at least a part of the electrodes are immersed in waste water in the waste water treatment chamber, at least one of said electrodes dissolving out, by electrolysis, iron ions or aluminum ions for precipitating and removing phosphoric acid ions in waste water; a power source for supplying an electrolytic current to the set of electrodes; a control section for controlling the power source; and a metallic catalyst which is disposed in the vicinity of at least the other of the set of electrodes and which acts on a denitrifying reaction with hydrogen in waste water.

Oxygen scavenger and boiler water treatment chemical

A boiler water treatment chemical includes a heterocyclic compound with N-substituted amino group, or the salt thereof, and alkaline agent and/or water soluble polymer.

Containerized polluted-water treatment apparatus

A containerized polluted -water treatment apparatus which is mobile and transportable and easily installed in the neighborhood of a polluted water source without any particular works, characterized by comprising at least one container that has a water inlet and a water outlet and is provided with a water treatment unit having biological supports and a combination of a power unit and a control device by which the water treatment unit is operated.

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Waste water treatment device

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