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On premise water treatment system and method

A water treatment method uses a removable, disposable cartridge having an internal mesh structure. A disposable heater heats water fed to the cartridge. Precipitated solids collect on the mesh surface provided temperature and residence time are appropriately maintained. The heat breaks down the bicarbonate hardness of the water thereby depositing carbonates on the mesh surface and heavy metals will be codeposited due to the resultant change in pH. The cartridge has a head-space for collecting entrained gases such as volatile organic compounds, chlorine and air. Water sterility is achieved by heating the water over an appropriate period of time. Turbidity is removed within the cartridge due to settling induced by the low fluid velocity controlled by a controller and by a filter provided at the outlet of the cartridge. The filter will become blocked when bicarbonate hardness is carried over forcing a user to replace a spent cartridge. Heat economy and a cool treated water outlet stream are secured by use of a heat exchanger. Water is fed from the cartridge, through an intercooler and the heat exchanger to a storage tank. Water in the storage tank is kept out of contact with air by a movable barrier. Eventually, the water is fed from the storage tank to a dispenser and can subsequently be used in a post-mix beverage dispenser. A visual display indicates the status of the water treatment system.

Waste water treatment method and waste water treatment equipment capable of treating waste water containing fuluorine, nitrogen and organic matter

Waste water containing fluorine, nitrogen and organic matter is treated by introducing the waste water into a water tank filled with calcium carbonate mineral and anaerobic microorganic sludge. An upper portion of the water tank is occupied by the anaerobic microorganic sludge concurrently with natural precipitation of the calcium carbonate mineral toward a lower portion of the water tank. Calcium ions dissolving from the calcium carbonate mineral precipitated in the lower portion of the water tank are made to chemically react with the fluorine in the waste water. At the same time, the organic matter in the waste water is treated by utilizing anaerobic microorganisms in the anaerobic microorganic sludge in the upper portion of the water tank. The nitrogen in the waste water is treated to be reduced by reducibility that the anaerobic microorganisms in the waste water own. There is thus provided the waste water treatment method and waste water treatment equipment capable of treating the waste water containing fluorine, nitrogen and organic matter at low cost without necessitating the organic matter such as methanol as an additional chemical.

Portable water treatment assembly

A portable water treatment assembly and water treatment method are disclosed in which the water to be purified is placed in an upper container together with a suitable bactericide, and is held in that container until the bactericidal action is complete. At that time, an elongate dowel is manually manipulated to open a passage between the upper container and a lower container to drain the purified water through a sediment cartridge in the upper container to remove sediment from the water, and through a cartridge in the lower container containing a medium to remove the bactericide and/or other potentially distasteful ingredients from the water, and the purified water is collected in the lower container for subsequent dispensing and use.

Method and apparatus for controlling concentration of water treatment chemicals
Electrolysis based water treatment
Point-of use water treatment system
On premise water treatment system and method
Risers for a waste water treatment facility
Water treatment method and apparatus
System for controlling water treatment based on plankton monitoring
Water treatment agent and water treatment method for a boiler
Reactor and heat exchanger system for cyanide waste water treatment
Control system for meter actuated regeneration in a water treatment system
Water treatment unit and equipment having the unit
In-home water treatment system
Ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods
Urban runoff water treatment methods and systems
Waste water treatment device

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156 6245228 Emergency water treatment device
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159 6238557 Injection quill for water treatment
160 6231763 Regeneration of water treatment media
161 6231759 Water treatment device
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163 6228266 Water treatment apparatus using plasma reactor and method thereof
164 6228255 Portable water treatment facility
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166 6217760 Waste water treatment system
167 6214214 Water treatment system with purge valve responsive to fluid signals
168 6210580 Waste water treatment apparatus
169 6210578 Residual water treatment microplant for small flows
170 6207308 Water treatment system for a fuel cell assembly
171 6207048 Water treatment kit
172 6206042 Modular control apparatus for water treatment system
173 6200473 In-transit water treatment system
174 6197190 Tapered flocculation water treatment
175 6190547 Water treatment system
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177 6177047 Water-treatment composition and method of use
178 6174437 Water treatment system
179 6171485 Process for producing a chlorine dioxide-containing disinfectant solution for water treatment
180 6165372 Injection quill for water treatment
181 6159380 Water treatment process
182 6159364 Water treatment system based on denitrification
183 6156204 Waste water treatment, media therefor and its manufacture
184 6149809 Water treatment system with backwashable precise prefilter unit
185 6149801 Water treatment device with volumetric monitoring features
186 6146903 Method for determination of water treatment polymers
187 6139731 Iodinated water treatment process
188 6129845 Catalyst-containing photo-oxidation device, and water treatment system of a semiconductor device fabrication line employing said device
189 6129841 Portable water treatment assembly
190 6129837 Waste water treatment filter including a waste water level control alert device
191 6125778 Ballast water treatment
192 6123842 Dispensing of water treatment substances
193 6106705 Water treatment device with volumetric and time monitoring features
194 6103114 Pour-through water treatment carafe
195 6103108 Water treatment apparatus
196 6102683 Compressor installation having water injection and a water treatment device
197 6099733 Water treatment system
198 6096202 Method and apparatus for optimizing electrolytic production of a halogen in a water treatment system
199 6083388 Water treatment plant and set of modular equipment obtained by placing such plants in parallel
200 6063271 Portable waste water treatment plant

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