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System for controlling water treatment based on plankton monitoring

In a water supply plant which cleans water taken in from such sources of intake water as lakes and marshes, dams, rivers and so on and delivers the water as city water, obstructions to water treatment is predicted and methods for preventing the obstruction are decided, by measuring kinds and quantity of plankton and comparing the measured data with rules representing relations among kinds and quality of plankton, obstructions to water treatment and counteractions to such obstructions stored in a rule base in advance.

Compositions and methods for water treatment

Materials and methods relating to water treatment processes are described. More specifically, the process is non-toxic and is useful for the removal of algae, other suspended solids, or contaminants in surface waters or in potable water treatment . Coccolithic calcium carbonate can be used in combination with a flocculent such as aluminum chloride to obtain the desired results.

Water treatment system

The present invention comprises an improved method and apparatus for treating water in heat exchange systems. The present invention automatically and inexpensively provides an effective chemical to process water systems at times and in proportion to the need for water treatment in such systems. When used in evaporative cooling systems, the present invention adds the treatment chemical to the system via the make-up water. The make-up water acquires a substantially constant concentration of treatment chemical as it is passed through a device containing a treatment chemical. The constant concentration of chemical is achieved by dividing the make-up flow into two streams within the device, saturating the smaller of the two streams with chemical, and re-mixing the two streams. The biocide agent used in the preferred embodiment of the invention is prilled elemental iodine.

Method and apparatus for controlling concentration of water treatment chemicals
Electrolysis based water treatment
Point-of use water treatment system
On premise water treatment system and method
Risers for a waste water treatment facility
Water treatment method and apparatus
System for controlling water treatment based on plankton monitoring
Water treatment agent and water treatment method for a boiler
Reactor and heat exchanger system for cyanide waste water treatment
Control system for meter actuated regeneration in a water treatment system
Water treatment unit and equipment having the unit
In-home water treatment system
Ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods
Urban runoff water treatment methods and systems
Waste water treatment device

301 5505843 System for controlling water treatment based on plankton monitoring
302 5500131 Compositions and methods for water treatment
303 5480564 Water treatment system
304 5480537 Apparatus for waste water treatment using calcium carbonate mineral and microorganisms in combination
305 5468373 Multiple-effect water treatment apparatus
306 5466378 Oxidized activated carbon for the control of pH and alkalinity in water treatment applications
307 5466367 Industrial waste water treatment
308 5454942 Apparatus for the removal of floating sludge in dissolved air floatation basins at water purification and waste water treatment plants
309 5435969 Monitoring water treatment agent in-system concentration and regulating dosage
310 5431808 Device for odor filtering of exhaust air from waste water treatment
311 5415808 Flocculant for water treatment
312 5413719 Fluorescent tracer in a water treatment process
313 5411889 Regulating water treatment agent dosage based on operational system stresses
314 5405541 Water treatment process
315 5401394 Water treatment system ultraviolet bulb voltage monitor circuit
316 5399266 Microbial media and waste water treatment method using same
317 5397461 Water treatment system
318 5382369 Waste water-treatment process
319 5378370 Water treatment tank
320 5368739 Activated carbon oxidized by air at near ambient temperatures for the control of ph and in water treatment applications
321 5358617 Self-contained water treatment device
322 5354457 Water treatment equipment
323 5351199 Programmable water treatment controller for progressive flow systems
324 5338459 Muddy and waste water treatment method
325 5338445 Module for a reactor for anaerobic waste water treatment
326 5336398 Water treatment device
327 5328574 Water treatment process for electrolysis, in particular for water decarbonization, and apparatus for carrying out this process
328 5310488 Water treatment method
329 5308478 Prevention of bacterial growth in water treatment systems
330 5306422 Compact clarifier system for municipal waste water treatment
331 5302356 Ultrapure water treatment system
332 5300230 Comprehensive water treatment system
333 5286377 Evaporative cooler water treatment device
334 5273070 Water treatment apparatus
335 5264127 Floating aquatic plant water treatment system with sprayer system
336 5252202 Muddy and waste water treatment device and method
337 5242592 Process for biological waste water treatment
338 5240597 Waste water treatment equipment
339 5234601 Apparatus and method for controlling regeneration of a water treatment system
340 5232603 Use of water-soluble copolymers of monoethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids and vinylimidazoles or derivatives thereof for water treatment
341 5227089 Method for producing flocculant for water treatment
342 5227055 Aquaculture water treatment system including combined rotating biological contactor and evaporative cooler
343 5215657 Water treatment system
344 5211973 Water treatment apparatus
345 5207926 Industrial waste water treatment process
346 5192452 Catalyst for water treatment
347 5190643 Water treatment device having means to count times used and limit useage
348 5189873 Combined cycle power plant with water treatment
349 5180501 Floating aquatic plant water treatment system
350 5180494 Method of controlling waste water treatment by anaerobic fermentation

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