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A modular water treatment unit for use with water softeners and media filtration systems to permit the connection of filtration, light irradiation and other components to the softener or filtration system without the need to assemble a custom plumbing system to connect the components. By simply rotating the modular treatment unit 180 degrees, the unit can be used to treat either the water on the inlet or the outlet side of the water softener or media filtration unit. The modular water treatment unit includes a modular treatment head that is removably connected to a treatment sump. The treatment sump houses filtration cartridges, UV irradiation or other components. The treatment head of the modular water treatment unit includes a bypass tube and a treatment tube that is parallel to the bypass tube. The bypass tube permits the passage of water without subjecting the water to filtration or irradiation. The treatment tube directs the flow of water through the sump of the modular water treatment unit, to either filter or irradiate the water. The parallel orientation of the pass through and treatment tubes allows for the use of quick connect clips and o-rings which eliminates the need to thread, solder, glue or weld the system components together. Treatment of the inlet or the outlet side of the water softener or media filtration unit can be accompanied by repositioning the bypass and treatment tubes through repositioning of the treatment head. This repositioning can be performed quickly without the need for costly and time consuming plumbing.

Water treatment unit and equipment having the unit

A water treatment unit mounted in a washing machine, comprising a cartridge type case. An inflow port and an outflow port connected to a water supply port and a water receiving port formed in the washing machine are formed in the case. An electrode eluting metal ions in water by energization is disposed in the case and a connector part for supplying power to the electrode is disposed on the outer surface of the case. The case is formed slender and the inflow port and the outflow port are formed in the case, concentrically to each other, at positions near one end thereof and the connector part is disposed at a position near the other end.

Water treatment system for water animal feeding facility

A water treatment system includes a waste collection arrangement and a waste disposal arrangement. The waste collection arrangement is disposed in a pond for swirling the water to form a funnel-shaped water vortex so as to collect a waste contained in the water of the pond at a base of the water vortex. The waste disposal arrangement has an outlet positioned at a base of the water vortex pattern of the water, and includes a suction pipe upwardly extended from the outlet at a position above a water level of the water in the pond, wherein the suction pipe is adapted for guiding air to suck into the outlet to create a suction effect at the outlet, such that the waste disposal arrangement is adapted for sucking the water at the base of the water vortex so as to discharge the waste out of the pond via the outlet.

Method and apparatus for controlling concentration of water treatment chemicals
Electrolysis based water treatment
Point-of use water treatment system
On premise water treatment system and method
Risers for a waste water treatment facility
Water treatment method and apparatus
System for controlling water treatment based on plankton monitoring
Water treatment agent and water treatment method for a boiler
Reactor and heat exchanger system for cyanide waste water treatment
Control system for meter actuated regeneration in a water treatment system
Water treatment unit and equipment having the unit
In-home water treatment system
Ballast water treatment systems including related apparatus and methods
Urban runoff water treatment methods and systems
Waste water treatment device

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550 20050145563 Process and apparatus for waste water treatment

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