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Wheel chair carrier

A wheel chair transport assembly includes a remote winch-actuated carrier case having wheels mounted on a rear face thereof and rollable within tracks mounted to the vehicle for raising and lowering the carrier case to a storage position on the vehicle roof and an access position flush with the ground, respectively. A door provided forward of the carrier case enables an operator to insert and remove a wheel chair as necessary while conveniently seated as a driver within the vehicle.

Wheel chair shampoo apparatus

An apparatus for mounting and positioning a wheel chair in a tilted association to a shampoo basin, wherein the organization includes a housing with spaced side walls defining an upper basin and a floor positioned below the basin for orienting a container for receiving fluid directed through the basin from a fluid container mounted overlying the basin. The housing includes spaced parallel slider bars positioned laterally of the basin and extend ible forwardly to position and mount wheel chair handle bars, with a wheel chair forward wheel support mount arranged to position the forward wheels of a wheel chair thereon.

Foam cushion for use with a wheel chair

A wheel chair cushion and the like is disclosed which includes a cushion formed of a deformable resilient material. The cushion includes a base having a front wall and a rear wall. A plurality of individual foam springs are carried by the base having support surfaces which lie in a plane that is inclined to the base surface of said base as extending from said front wall to said rear wall. A pressure relief cut-out is formed substantially in its entirety from a mid-line of said cushion rearwardly so as to be disposed underneath the buttocks of a person sitting on the cushion to relieve pressure in that area and provide increased compressibility of the foam springs in the pressure relief area to disperse pressure and provide a resilient depression in the cushion to enhance the patient retention capability of the cushion as used in a wheel chair.

Seating system for a wheel chair

A seating system is provided for a wheel chair including a chassis, two drive wheels, and two swivel mounted casters. The seating system comprises a frame which is adjustably mountable to the chassis. The frame includes two side members and at least one cross-brace member. A seat is removably mounted to the frame for seating a user. The seat may be padded, have webbing material, be sling-back, or be of molded construction. A back rest is mounted to the frame and may include a locking mechanism cooperating with the frame for locking the back rest at an adjustable upright position. A leg rest including a foot rest is adjustably mounted to the frame and includes a leg rest clamping mechanism for clamping the leg rest at a fixed angular orientation relative to the frame. The foot rest may be pivoted to adjust the ankle angle of the user.

Cover for a wheel chair grip ring
Wheel chair shampoo apparatus
Wheel chair table clamp
Method for driving wheel-chair

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61 4951766 Electric wheel-chair
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68 4762332 Wheel chair
69 4693490 Collapsible wheel-chair
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74 4641720 Motorized wheel chair
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76 4614246 Powered wheel chair
77 4566707 Wheel chair
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80 4527829 Foldable wheel chair, especially for invalids
81 4514867 Wheel chair with displaceable seat panel
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84 4493488 Pressure control wheel chair seat
85 4483548 Wheel chair auxiliary drive means
86 4475762 Wheel chair restraint system
87 4463985 Heel strap retractor for wheel chair foot rests
88 4432425 Wheel chair
89 4422515 Motorized wheel chair
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91 4405142 Knock down wheel chair
92 4380343 Folding scissor frame wheel chair
93 4371183 Folding wheel-chair
94 4362311 Dismountable wheel-chair
95 4360213 Sport type wheel chair
96 4354691 Wheel chair propulsion system
97 4339061 Accessory case for a wheel chair
98 4339013 Mobile and adaptable wheel chair
99 4326622 Cooperative escalator and wheel chair
100 4316616 Self-propelling and steering attachment for a wheel-chair

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