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Wheel chair table clamp

A table clamp for removably attaching a table or the like to a wheel chair has vertically positioned hollow body members that engage legs on the table, movable inverted L-shaped members having opposed tabs for engagement against the chair frame are pivoted to the hollow body members.

Wheel chair hoist assembly for vehicles

A wheel chair hoist assembly for a vehicle having a body and a roof comprising a transverse support bar within the body secured to the roof. A mount tube with a depending winch mount bracket is reciprocably and slidably supported upon the support bar. A tubular boom, normally positioned within the body, is parallel to and secured to the mount tube and adapted for sliding projection outwardly of the body. A power winch having a drum is supported on the bracket and includes a cable around the drum guidably projected through the boom with its free end mounting a hook adapted to supportably engage a collapsed wheel chair. A manual switch is connected to a power source to energize the winch to elevate the wheel chair, and the boom is manually projected successively inward transferring the wheel chair into the body.

Foldable wheel chair

In a foldable wheel chair supporting frames for a back, a seat, a pair of back wheels and a pair of front wheels are mutually pivotally connected by means of pivot assemblies positioned at the seat-back junction and comprising a blocking mechanism which is deactuated for releasing the pivotal connection between the supporting frames by turning the seat in a direction of a predetermined reduction of the angular separation between the seat and the back. Each pivot assembly may comprise a pivot pin secured to one supporting frame, and pivot cams secured to the other supporting frames together with an interlocking cam positioned between two of said pivot cams.

Step-climbing wheel chair

An improved step-climbing wheel chair with integral retractable ramps for ascending or descending a step, curb or the like. The conveyance is provided with a two-speed transmission capable of driving the wheel chair on level terrain at conventional speeds or selecting a low speed high torque capability for driving the conveyance up an inclined ramp. The invention further contains a self-leveling chair seat which automatically maintains the occupant in a level seated position regardless of the inclined position assumed by the wheel chair frame, thereby contributing to the stability of the wheel chair and the safety of the occupant.

Cover for a wheel chair grip ring
Wheel chair shampoo apparatus
Wheel chair table clamp
Method for driving wheel-chair

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